More efficient marketing and sale of technology

More efficient marketing and sale of technology

Polish Defence Holding and the ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network – the Institute of Precision Mechanics established cooperation in the areas of marketing, selling, and commercialization of their products on a foreign market.


This agreement concerns marketing and promotion, as well as activation, commercialization, and selling of selected products and research results. The agreement was signed by the chairman of the Polish Defence Holding Mr. Robert Góral, and the manager of the ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network – the Institute of Precision Mechanics Mr.  Tomasz Babul EngD.

– This is the first agreement that allows us to create a whole new portfolio of Polish innovative products which we will be offering on numerous markets where the PHD has been present for many years – comments the PDH’s chairman Mr. Robert Góral.  – These highly innovative solutions for industrial purposes will allow us, and our partners to reach new, promising markets. Those markets are open and, receptive for innovative technologies, and industrial solutions. For this reason we enter into cooperation with our partner the ŁUKASIEWICZ – IPM whose research achievements, and developed technologies possess massive trading potential.

– PDH is a reliable partner, highly experienced on the international markets in the area of equipment, and technological trade for defence purposes-emphasizes the manager of the ŁUKASIEWICZ- IPM Mr. Tomasz Babul.- We are glad that the potential of the ŁUKASIEWICZ – IPM has been noticed, not only in the area of research works conducted by our team, but especially in the field of implementation of the technologies we developed.

The partnership with the Polish Defence Holding will make it easier for the ŁUKASIEWICZ – IPM to transfer its research results, and technological solutions not only for the European market, but also in other parts of the world, which would be crucial in expanding cooperation with the Asian market, where it already established cooperation with Indian, and Korean partners.

In recent years, as a part of Indian contract, ŁUKASIEWICZ – IPM alongside with OBRUM Łabędy implemented equipment, and technologies for thermochemical treatment to the 512nd Maintenance Base in Pune. Additionally ŁUKASIEWICZ – IPM took part in modernization process of the K2PL Wolf MBT as a part of offset agreement with the Korean partner


Polish Defence Holding is a leading Polish corporation specialized in selling of modern solutions in defence sector. The company has been active on both domestic, and international markets since 1971 (as the Bumar Group), offering complex solutions in the areas of security, and defence. It is a shareholder of the Polish Armament Group.


ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network – the Institute of Precision Mechanics is conducting research, development, and research works in the area of metal surface treatment, and improving its mechanical properties, durability, and corrosion resistance. Through the decades of its history it accomplished various projects for national, and international clients in the areas of defence industry. Researched technologies, along with the necessary infrastructure for implementing them are transferred to different industrial branches. Furthermore it possess research laboratories, highly qualified personnel, and certification facility.


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